Paying it forward: Investing in the next generation of nursing leaders at UTMB

Dr. Brandon “Kit” Bredimus, whose time at UTMB prepared him to be an accomplished nursing executive, has made a commitment to establish a scholarship that empowers future nurses. Born and raised in the arid landscapes of West Texas, Dr. Brandon “Kit” Bredimus never anticipated the pivotal role his time in the Southeast Texas gulf coast would come to play in his life.

After studying physical therapy for two years, Dr. Bredimus wanted to go a different route. He mulled over various career paths and universities, ultimately landing on nursing as the most pragmatic decision. So, in 2004 he packed his bags and made the 10-hour drive to join UTMB’s School of Nursing (SON).

Fast forward to today, Dr. Bredimus serves as chief nursing officer at Midland Memorial Hospital. He has quickly become a nationally recognized leader in nursing and has earned numerous awards and honors—including being named a UTMB SON Hall of Fame Distinguished Alumni in 2022.

“I look back on my time at UTMB as transformative, helping me grow into who I am today,” Dr. Bredimus remarked. “The university definitely set me up for success.”

Dr. Bredimus chose UTMB because of its rich legacy as a leader in health care education. He credits UTMB for helping balance his pragmatism with passion, drawing out his leadership potential, and investing in his future with scholarships.

Now, Dr. Bredimus wants to support those nursing students following in his footsteps by establishing his own UTMB scholarship.

“I was at UTMB for only two years, but they made such an impact on my life,” Dr. Bredimus said. “Good leaders transform teams and lives, so I want to help ensure the next generation of nursing leaders are equipped with what they need to be effective and transformational leaders.”

Chief Nursing Office/Vice President, Nursing
Midland Health