Maggie and John Kelso

George Sealy and Dorothy Falkenberg

Fellman Seinsheimer and Susan Falgout

Eden Box and John Eckel

Weez and Mike Doherty

Sally and Jim Galbraith

E. J. Pederson

Ann and Robert Moody

Ross Moody

Frances Moody-Dahlberg and Kevin Dahlberg

Peaches and Shrub Kempner

Nancy Thompson and Peter Thompson, MD

Sheridan and Perry Lorenz

Katherine Lorenz



Pat & Fred Burns

Barbara Gibbs, MD & David Gibbs

B. J. & Buddy Herz



Cynthia and John Adkins
Francey Pengra and Ed Allday
Sue and Vandy Anderson
Kathy Barnhart and Clif Barnhart, MD
Betty Beathard and Gerald Beathard, MD, PhD
Mary Alice and Dick Black
Kimberly and Greg Bonnen
Zarine Boyce and Meherwan Boyce, PhD
Lynn and Win Campbell
Mary Jo and Don Chapoton
Imelda Cortes, PhD and Edgar L. Cortes, MD
JoAnn Del Papa
Joan and Larry Del Papa
Charles Dibrell, III
Mary Jo Dotson and Dearl Dotson, MD
Mary Ellen and Chuck Doyle
Debbie and Matt Doyle
Cindy and Jim Earthman
Melissa and Craig Eiland
Ed Eubanks
Cheryl and Wayne Faircloth
Joy and Vic Fertitta
Catherine and Greg Garrison
Diane Gillebaard
Gwendolyn H. Goffe
Susan and Barry Goodman
Penny Gregg and Parker Gregg, MD
Beverly Guerra and Fernando Guerra, MD
Sue Minton Harris
Gilbert Herrera
Gerry and Gene Hornstein
Brenda Hutchings
Margaret Kelso and Harry Kelso, MD
Mary Ann Kleuser and Tom Kleuser, MD
Betty and Gene Lucas

Linda McReynolds and Walter McReynolds, MD
Ann Masel and Brent Masel, MD
Cindi and Vince Matthews
Pamela and Dennis Miller
Winkie and Jerry Mohn
Marjorie Landry and David Murphy
Mary Ann and Robert Murphy, Jr.
Laura and Diaz Murray
Debra and Tom Perich
Janice and Vic Pierson
Jan and Jim Pozzi
Nancy Price and Bill Price, MD
Marcia Pritchard, MD and Jim Pritchard
Michele Purgason and Tom Purgason, MD
Fairfax and Risher Randall
Fredell and Lewis Rosen
Adrian and Rex Ross
Candy Rust and Ron Rust, MD
Pete Schweppe and Irv Schweppe, MD
Judith and Roy Shaw, Jr.
Rosie Sotelo and Oscar Sotelo, MD
Susanne and Gerald Sullivan
Kerri and Larry Taylor
Susan Teeple and Sloan Teeple, MD
Lyda Ann Thomas
MaryDale Thomas and Pat Thomas, MD
V. J. Tramonte
Jan Wagner and Brig. Gen. (Ret) Don Wagner
Dancie and Jim Ware
Jackie Warthan and Lynn Warthan,MD
Mary Ann Reynolds-Wilkins, PhD and
Bobby Wilkins, MD
Vicki Winn and Jim Winn, MD
Becky Zamora and Pete Zamora, MD

Moody Gardens Convention Center
Held Saturday, May 21, 2016  6:00PM

1891 - 2016


Mrs. Lawrence J. Del Papa, Joan and Larry Del Papa, Laura and Diaz Murray


Cullen Trust for Higher Education


Don and Nancy Mafrige


Carolyn Nelson-Becker, EdD and Keith T. Becker

Dr. Melinda L. Estes and Dr. Harold H. Morris III

Gwendolyn H. Goffe

Gerry and Eugene Hornstein/Levin Family Foundation

B. Rai Mehta, MD and Larry D. Oliver, MD

Janet L. Niesel and David W. Niesel, PhD

Sharon S. Raimer, MD and Ben G. Raimer, MD

C. Ritchie Spence, MD

Dancie and Jim Ware

Judith Winograd


Pat and Fred Burns

Drs. Edgar and Imelda Cortes


Barbara J. Gibbs, MD and Mr. David Gibbs

The Goodman Corporation/Susan and Barry Goodman

Katie and Cliff Gunter/Peaches and Shrub Kempner/
Ann Masel and Brent Masel, MD/
Fredell and Lewis Rosen/
Adrian and Rex Ross

Walter and 'Punkiin' Hecht

B. J. and Buddy Herz

Fairfax and Risher Randall/
Ellen and Edward Randall/
Pauline Schweppe and
H. Irving Schweppe, Jr., MD

George and Magnolia Willis Sealy Foundation



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