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Development Board Roster (FY20)

Members of the Development Board are responsible for: knowing the mission, goals, programs and services of UTMB; fostering the mission and purposes of UTMB; participating in programs designed to assist UTMB, as well as programs that support UTMB initiatives; assisting UTMB in maintaining a strong financial position; and supporting UTMB’s philanthropic endeavors.

Active members include Regular and Lifetime Members. Active Members have one vote in all matters before the Board. Members without a vote include: Guest, Emeritus, Honorary and Ex-Officio Members. Terms are three years in duration, except for school Alumni Association Presidents and Advisory Council Chairs, who will serve concurrently with their terms of office.

Development Board

Mrs. Cynthia J. Adkins
Karen Alexander, PhD
Ms. Priscilla R. Angly
Andrejs E. Avots-Avotins, MD, PhD
Catherine L. Baen, JD
Charles W. Bailey, Jr., MD, JD
C. Clifton Barnhart, Jr., MD
Bruce M. Bauknight, MD, PA
Gerald A. Beathard, MD, PhD
Ira Bell III, MD, MBA
Mrs. Barbara W. Bellatti
Anish Bhardwaj, MD, MBA, FACHE
Jack D. Bissett, MD
Richard E. Black, JD
Fredrick J. Bradford, JD
Mr. James P. Bryan
Ms. Cheryl A. Byington
Cynthia G. Caldwell, JD
Mr. Dean L. Callender
Charles H. Campbell, MD
Winfield M Campbell, Sr., JD
Carlos J. Cardenas, MD
Mr. Gus A. Cardenas
Mrs. Donna J. Chapman
Mr. O. Donaldson Chapoton
Bradley E. Chipps, MD
Susan A. Clawson, RN, BSN
Edgar L. Cortes, MD, FAAP
Miguel De Valdenebro, MD
Dr. Amer R. Diab, DO
The Honorable Charles G. Dibrell III
David M. Dick, MD
Rick D. Dignan, MD
Mr. Michael C. Doherty
Ashley P. Donovan, PhD
A. Dearl Dotson, MD
The Honorable Matthew T. Doyle
Mrs. Cynthia A. Earthman
Allison P. Edwards, DrPH, MS, RN
The Honorable Craig Eiland
Lorraine S. Evangelista, PhD, RN, CNS
Jerry D. Fain, MD
Mrs. Susan S. Falgout
Charles D. Fraser, Jr., MD
Deborah A. Fuller, MD
Gregory S. Garrison, JD
Barbara J. Gibbs, MD
Judith M. Godinez, RN, MSN
Gwendolyn H. Goffe
William Gonzaba, MD
Barry M. Goodman, JD
R. Neal Green, Sr.,  MD
T. David Greer, MD
Sarah E. Groff, MD
Fernando A. Guerra, MD, MPH, FAAP
Mr. J. Clifford Gunter III
Ms. Mary A. Halligan
Amanda S. Hancock, RN, BSN
Mrs. Barbara L. Hankins
Mrs. Sue Minton Harris
Mr. Walter A. Hecht
Mr. Alan B. Helfman
Richard E. Helmer III, MD, FACP
Richard E. Helmer IV, MD
Mr. Gilbert A. Herrera
Irwin M. Herz, Jr., JD
Malone V. Hill, Jr., MD
Mrs. Gerry L. Hornstein
David S. Hunter, MD
Mrs. Bet Jennings

Development Board (cont.)

Mrs. Jano Nixon Kelley
Harry B. Kelso, Jr., MD
Charles G. Langham III, MD
Frederick M. Langner, MD
Col. (Ret.) Jack E. Lewi, MD
Lora L. Lockhart, PhD, RN
Mr. David R. Lummis
Mr. Charles M. Lusk III
Ms. Desiree H. Lyon
Mr. Wayne H. Madsen
Colonel Donald P. Mafrige, USAR (Ret.)
Katherine Martin, RN, BSN
Rachel A. Martin, RN, BSN
Brent E. Masel, MD
E. Vince Matthews III, JD
Mr. Eric R. Meadows
Fausto S. Meza, MD
Mr. Dennis E. Miller
Jerry A. Mohn, MBA
Mrs. Frances A. Moody-Dahlberg
Mrs. Laura D. Murray
M. Kristen Peek, PhD
Erin Y. Perez, DNP, APRN, ANP-C
Thomas J. Perich, JD
Mary Dale Peterson, MD, MSHCA, FACHE, Vice Chair
Mr. W. Bernard Pieper
The Honorable Victor Pierson
William F. Price, MD
Mr. James C. Pritchard
Thomas J. Purgason, MD
Blake B. Rasmussen, PhD
John S. Richardson, MD
C.R. Risinger, MD, FAAP
Robert H. Ritter, MD
Mrs. Fredell P. Rosen
Mr. Rex C. Ross
Milton L. Routt, MD
Ronald M. Rust, MD
J. Paul Sanders, MD
Vicente Santa Cruz, Jr, PhD
Brian C. Sauer, CFP
Robert P. Schmid, MD
Sterett M. Scofield, RN, BSN
Mr. George Sealy III
Mrs. Judith H. Shaw
Roger M. Sifuentes, MD, PA
Mr. Kevin D. Smith
Renee R. Snyder, MD
Fred L. Speck, Jr., MD
C. Ritchie Spence, MD
J. Gregory Stovall, MD
Mr. Gerald A. Sullivan
C. Sloan Teeple V, MD
Mr. Vincent J. Tramonte
Mrs. Betty Tutor
Mrs. Judith B. Tycher
Sarah M. Tyson, OTR, CAPS
Mrs. Molly C. Voorhees
Mr. E. Duer Wagner, Jr.
Mrs. Dancie Ware
T. Lynn Warthan, MD, Chair
Hugh N. West III, MD, MBA
Robert B. Wilkins, MD
James R. Winn, MD
Susan M. Wittjen, PT, PhD
Ms. Elizabeth G. Wolff
Mrs. Jo Dee Wright
Bobby J. Wroten, MD
Mrs. Carole S. Young
Guadalupe Zamora, MD

Development Board - Emeriti

Mrs. Ann B. Brinkerhoff
Mrs. Doris D. Ethridge
Mr. Robert L. Moody, Sr.
Ms. Lissa Walls Cribb

Development Board - Lifetime

Mr. Fred C. Burns
Mr. Harris L. Kempner, Jr.
Jack D. Ramsey, MD
Risher Randall, Sr., JD
Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Donald B. Wagner, LFACHE


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