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Development Board Committees

As UTMB’s lead volunteers, Development Board members advance the institution’s excellence through their leadership and involvement. Consistent with UTMB Development Board Bylaws, Article IV, Committees, the Development Board is comprised of standing and ad hoc committees/task forces. The Executive Committee and Nominating Committee stand as permanent committees and serve to provide governance and maintain membership, respectively.  With the President’s direction and approval, ad hoc committees/task forces are formed and disbanded by the Development Board Chair as needed for the conduct of the Board’s business.


Executive Committee

David L. Callender, MD, UTMB President
Mr. Irwin M. Herz, Jr., Chair
Barbara J. Gibbs, MD - Vice Chair
Mr. Winfield M Campbell, Sr., Immediate Past Chair
Mrs. Cynthia J. Adkins
Mr. Edwin A. Eubanks
Robert C. Fader, PhD
Mr. Gilbert A. Herrera
Mr. Lloyd L. Hill
Brent E. Masel, MD
Thomas J. Perich, JD
Mr. W. Bernard Pieper
Mr. C. James Reinhartsen
Mrs. Fredell P. Rosen
Mr. Rex C. Ross
Ronald M. Rust, MD
Paula A. Stangeland, PhD, RN, CRRN, NE-BC
Mr. Gerald A. Sullivan
Peter K. Thompson, MD
Mr. E. Duer Wagner, Jr.
J. Patrick Walker, MD
Mrs. Dancie Ware
T. Lynn Warthan, MD
James R. Winn, MD
Gilda A. Womack, CLS, BSMT (ASCP)cm

Nominating Committee

WInfield M. Campbell, Sr., JD Chair
Thomas J. Perich, JD  Vice Chair
Betsy B. Clardy, CFRE, Executive Liaison
Mr. R. Edwin Allday
Mr. Fred C. Burns
Barbara J. Gibbs, MD
Irwin M. Herz, Jr., JD
Mr. W. Bernard Pieper
Mr. Risher Randall, Sr.
Peter K. Thompson, MD

Academics Committee

Brent E. Masel, MD, Chair
J. Patrick Walker, MD, Vice Chair
Danny O. Jacobs, MD, MPH, FACS, Executive Liaison
C. Clifton Barnhart, Jr., MD
Gerald A. Beathard, MD, PhD
C.B. Bruner, MD
Kenneth C. Carter, PhD
Edgar L. Cortes, MD
Ricky D. Dignan, MD
Mrs. Nanette B. Finger
Judith M. Godinez, RN, MSN
Richard E. Helmer III, MD, FACP
Julius L. Jinkins, Jr., MD
Harmon W. Kelley, MD
Mr. W. Bernard Pieper
The Honorable William B. Roman, Jr.
Fred L. Speck, Jr., MD
Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Donald B. Wagner, LFACHE

Business and Financial Affairs Committee

Mr. Rex C. Ross, Chair
Mr. Gilbert A. Herrera, Vice Chair
William R. Elger, CPA, Executive Liaison
Mr. R. Edwin Allday
Mr. Dean L. Callender
Mr. Winfield M Campbell, Sr.
Mr. Michael C. Doherty
The Honorable Matthew T. Doyle
Charles D. Fraser, Jr., MD
Mr. Thomas H. Grace
Mr. Irwin M. Herz, Jr.
Mrs. Frances A. Moody-Dahlberg
Mr. C. Dean Patrinely
Jack D. Ramsey, MD
Mr. James W. Stewart, Jr.
Mr. Howard T. Tellepsen, Jr.
Bobby J. Wroten, MD

Communications Committee

Mrs. Cynthia J. Adkins, Vice Chair
Mr. Lloyd L. Hill, Chair
Mr. Steve Campbell, Executive Liaison
Mr.Charles W. Bailey, Jr., MD, JD
Mr. Frans Gillebaard
Mrs. Sue M. Harris
Mrs. Desiree L. Howe
Harry B. Kelso, Jr., MD
Mr. Jerry A. Mohn
Joseph T. Painter, MD

Fundraising Committee

Mr. Edwin A. Eubanks, Chair
Mrs. Dancie Ware, Vice Chair
Betsy B. Clardy, CFRE, Executive Liaison
Mr. Fred C. Burns
Mr. George M. Fleming, Jr.
Mr. Harris L. Kempner, Jr.
Mr. Thomas J. Perich
Mr. James C. Pritchard
Mr. Risher Randall, Sr.
Peter K. Thompson, MD
Robert B. Wilkins, MD
Clarence R. Williams, USAF (Ret)
Bobby J. Wroten, MD

Galveston National Laboratory Committee

Mrs. Fredell P. Rosen, Chair
Mr. E. Duer Wagner, Jr., Vice Chair
James W. LeDuc, PhD, Executive Liaison
Scott C. Weaver, PhD, Executive Liaison
A. Dearl Dotson, MD
J. Paul Sanders, MD
Stewart G. Simonson, JD
Mrs. Judith B. Tycher
Mrs. Carole S. Young

Health Services Committee

Mr. C. James Reinhartsen, Chair
James R. Winn, MD, Vice Chair
Mrs. Donna K. Sollenberger, Executive Liaison
Mr. Richard E. Black
Mr. Fredrick J. Bradford
Ms. Cynthia Caldwell
Carlos J. Cardenas, MD
George B. Coale III, MD
Ernestine H. Cuellar, RN, PhD, PMHCNS-BC
Harry K. Davis, MD
Mrs. Cynthia A. Earthman
Mrs. Doris D. Ethridge
Barbara Jenkins Gibbs, MD
Fernando A. Guerra, MD, MPH, FAAP
Mrs. Gerry Levin Hornstein
Mavis P. Kelsey, Sr., MD
Mr. Dennis E. Miller
Mr. David S. Murphy
H. Irving Schweppe, Jr., MD
Mr. George Sealy III
Ms. Lyda Ann Thomas

Legislative Committee

Mr. Gerald A. Sullivan, Chair
Ronald M. Rust, MD, Vice Chair
Ben G. Raimer, MD, Executive Liaison
Bohn D. Allen, MD, FACS
W. Thomas Arnold, MD
Meherwan P. Boyce, PhD
Mrs. Valerie A. Cone
Mr. Lynn H. Elliott
Mr. J.D. Epstein
Mrs. Rebecca L. Gale
Mr. Barry M. Goodman
Ms. Brenda L. Hutchings
Mrs. Laura D. Murray
Mary D. Peterson, MD
The Honorable Victor Pierson
Thomas J. Purgason, MD
T. Lynn Warthan, MD
Guadalupe Zamora, MD


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